6 Websites That Allow Infographic Creation

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A good and interesting presentation is an effective way to gather attention while sharing your content. To achieve this, your presentation should not be just composed of usual texts only.  With infographics, you will not only benefit yourself but most especially your audience as they will better understand and even enjoy the context of your presentation. 

Importance of Infographics

From the traditional ways of imparting the information to its end-users, the rise of infographics provided more upgraded and catchy methods of presenting concepts, results, and other essential data. Infographics are being more popular because of these reasons:

  • Information, when presented using images and other visuals, is perceived better and faster than in-text passages
  • The images included in texts help to give emphasis to the important information
  • Graphics can be shared better and faster on social media networks
  • Images are more welcomed than repetitive and long texts
  • Infographics are seen as essential elements in online marketing nowadays. These can be used to upgrade SEO content on landing pages, blogs, and even on social media platforms

For these reasons, it can be seen that infographics do not just benefit their readers but also has a big help in the content’s search engine optimization (SEO). With the right infographic, there is always a big possibility to achieve an increase in likes, shares, clicks, and conversions that will help the online presence. By learning how to do infographics, it will be easy to identify what has to be emphasized and it can be prioritized. 

Websites for Free Infographic Creation

Since infographics are popular these days, there are many websites available on the market that can be used to create them. For more ideas, here are six programs to be considered for infographics creation. The good news is, that all of the basic features of these websites are absolutely free. Read on to know about these programs along with their advantages, some disadvantages to be careful of, and their basic free features.

Infogr.am: For an Easier Creation and Data Visualization

Infogr. am offers free infographic tools that can be used even by inexperienced users. A simple and practical infographic creator for beginners, its registration is free and as soon as registered, wide access to the user interface will be attained with its easy-to-use menu. Besides creating infographics from scratch, certain templates can also be used as an option for better visualizations. Another convenience of this program is that additional content like texts, charts, images, and videos can be put on the tool.

Moreover, this software can process data sets just like those from Microsoft Excel. Its ready-made data table can be converted into common table formats. Once the infographic is done, it can be shared with other users via the website.  With the basic feature, it cannot be downloaded but can be published on the Infogram website and can be linked.

This may not be as diverse as other infographic programs, but for easy and faster creation, this can be the right tool.

Easel.ly: For an Attractive Infographics

This infographic software is great for those who are looking for visually appealing images that are simple. With the available design templates, objects, and icons present on Easel.ly basic features, doing and exploring creative designs for the images can be attained. Furthermore, reduced menu bars, videos, icons, and other images can be integrated to own graphics. With its additional share button, the created infographics can be embedded using the code on web pages, sent links on e-mail, and shared with others. Compared to Infogr.am, Easel.ly can distribute accomplished graphics via social networks or embedded codes.

However, it is not ideal for spreadsheet programs because the values have to be input manually which is time-consuming. Moreover, like other free features, Easel.ly has only limited templates to choose from. Regardless, the graphics that can be done is still presentable enough to friends, officemates, and even on social media networks. 

Venngage: For Attractive Graphics plus Data Sets

The versatile Venggage infographic generator has more opportunities for creative ways to make infographics.  Ideal for creative and web users that want to produce visually appealing data maps, it has a lot of design options both for infographics and original templates for various purposes.  Along with the free templates offered in the free package, creating attractive graphics can be done in a short time and be supplemented with original media.

This software can use the tools to bring in data sets from the table via Google Drive and can be easily arranged. The finished design can be shared directly through Venggage Community and social media networks. This is indeed a great tool for those who want to make graphics and also process data and numbers. 

Canva: For Comprehensive Infographics 

Like Venngage, Canva has a versatile user interface. It focuses more on creating appealing images than processing data which is why it has a huge attractive selection of templates that can be used for various projects like social media entries, blogs, advertisements, and office documents. With its drag and drop feature, infographics can be easily created. One thing that makes this software stand out is that all of the main functions of this tool are absolutely free!

This tool works great, especially for those that have creative juices. The colors and symbols used are stored in the history section and can be easily retrieved. Images can be uploaded and even edited through photo filters. Its biggest advantage is that in this graphic tool, images can be saved as JPG, PNG, and even as printable files. These images can be posted directly on social media networks and can even be sent by e-mail. With these and its extensive database and download options, Canva is the best in creating visibly stunning images.

Piktochart: For Infographic with Data Sets Creation and Saving Options

Piktochart visualization tool enables not only the creation of images but also designing presentations and printing documents. Its free account can enable you to upload your own photos and even download and share graphics into JNP and PNG. Like other software, accomplished projects can be exported to social media networks and be embedded in some applications using code. Table data can be also imported.

With these conveniences, however, Piktochart has two disadvantages, which are:

  • Personal information is required even in free registration, and;
  • The Piktochart logo is always visible on every project created using the  free version

Visme: For Multifunctional Infographics

A multifunctional design tool, Visme enables to create infographics for free and export them using the JPG format. Like other image-editing programs, Visme has a multi-level view that gives access to certain elements like text, images, and diagrams. With its autosave feature and retrieval of the previous elements used, the project can be done easier and more conveniently. 

However, the editing of individual levels can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. Also, another disadvantage is that even if the drag and drop feature is practical, it can be quite unwieldy in some overlapping elements. Another is that the proper proportions are not displayed well in the preview mode.

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