8-Flagship Smartphones To Buy in 2022

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The year 2021 has passed away in a blaze with the introduction of several innovative smartphones. Now, the year 2022 stands behind the door, patiently waiting to knock, or perhaps, bang open the door and unravel the much-enthralling designs. Already the arrival of futuristic phone technology like foldable smartphones has left people amused, and the anticipation for smartphones in 2022 has grown drastically. So, let’s not wait any longer and unravel the flagship phones of the year 2022. Dive in! 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 

After launching the Fold this year, Samsung received much appreciation and love from the tech community. But with some complaints and suggestions. Valuing the opinions of its customers, the admired company set foot again into the lab to plan a device that caters to the feedback. 

 And so, we expect to see a revised, renewed, and affordable version of the device next year. Set to release in April 2022, hopefully, the Fold will be yet another flagship-level phone introduced by the company. As the rumors deliver, Samsung Fold 2 may come with a smaller, horizontally folding screen of about 6.7″, unlike Fold’s vertically folding 7.3″ screen. Furthermore, the company claims to embed the screen shield into the body of the phone to prevent it from breaking or getting damaged. The overall build of the phone will get slimmer, and the screen will feature a punch-hole camera.

Apple iPhone 12

The release of the iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max has already captivated the world’s attention, and Apple intends to further grab it with the introduction of the Apple iPhone 12. There is no confirmation regarding the development of the Apple iPhone 12, though several leaks offer us a lead. 

Well, the Apple iPhone 12 seems to feature a 5G network system. As the 5G tends to be around 100 times speedier than 4G, one can experience better and swifter network connectivity. Also, with many companies still considering the integration, Apple iPhone12 can be the first one to showcase its practicality. 

Moreover, the ultra-wide design of the newest iPhone removes the punch-hole and elevates the RAM significantly. 

LG G9 ThinQ 

Expected in early 2020, LG G9 ThinQ aims to set right everything that went wrong with LG G8. Leaks and rumors suggest that the model will have an improved OLED display. Unlike the previous models, it will not have a plastic-like feel in terms of color accuracy and brightness. Rather, we expect it to be closer to the Super AMOLED Samsung displays.

Perhaps, the most noteworthy part of this flagship model is the augmented vision it offers. With its three to four lenses, the camera will offer about 16 different options. The multi-camera system allows you to capture several images at a time, so that you may select the perfect one.

Apart from that, the masses expect the return of the holeless speakers and a more modish display with reduced bezels.

Xiaomi Mi Flex  

Up till now, the Infinix mobile production company has remained in competition with Xiaomi. However, now Xiaomi is going the extra mile by bringing forward its first foldable phone, the Xiaomi Mi Flex, in the year 2020. Even more, the costs are better than before. 

Xiaomi Mi Flex comes with an impressively unique design with a horizontal hinge. It features a dual display and a 6.2-inch display. The Xiaomi Mi Flex has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU, and 6GB/8GB RAM. Hence, it will provide a quality and swift user experience. Moreover, the triple rear camera (20 MP, 16MP, and 8MP) offers detailed and vivid pictures. It also features a front camera of 25MP that helps one capture professional portraits. 

One Plus 7T  

With a 6.7-inches super AMOLED display, the One Plus 7T will present its users with the ultimate visual experience. The almost bezel-less design ensures that the experience gets further augmented. Also, the One Plus 7T might come with a much faster-charging feature. Hence, you can charge your smartphone completely within minutes.  

Samsung Galaxy S11

The Samsung Galaxy S11 might enter the market by early 2020 and resembles its predecessor in several aspects. Firstly, it has a similar range of body colors, fast-charging, augmented camera, and visuals to that of the Galaxy Note 10. However, it lacks the 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, it has a Bixby button and a heart-rate sensor. Also, according to several updates, the Samsung Galaxy S11 may have a 64MP camera that will offer exceptionally good pictures. 

One Plus 8 Pro 

A majority feels intrigued by the upcoming One Plus 8 Pro, considering the outstanding features of the previous models. The One Plus 8 Pro’s leaked designs suggest that it will have a quad camera and a hole-punch display. Unlike the older releases, the One Plus 8 Pro has a wider display and a better body-color range.

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Smartphone 

Samsung and Huawei had left the entire tech community thrilled with the futuristic foldable smartphones. Now, Microsoft has prepared to leave people enchanted with its latest foldable phone called Andromeda. Although the phone is not ready for launch, people have still deduced a couple of features that they might see in the flagship phone by mid-2020. 

Andromeda has a sleek and flawless construction that arrives with a stylus to make the user experience convenient. The button-less design appears to offer innovative hardware and applications.

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