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Over the years we have come across plenty of social media apps and continuously we are using new ones day by day. TikTok is another social networking app that is highly popular among tweens and teens. It is also known as the app a “magnet for pedophiles”. It is a Chinese video streaming app that enables the user to make short videos with the addition of special effects. In the first quarter of the year 2018, it was the most downloaded application and 45.8 million users have downloaded it.

 Young users used to make short clips with lip –sync and create memes and also dance to music. Teens these days are obsessed with the video streaming app and they create videos all day long and then share them on the platform. Therefore, TikTok has become dangerous for young users and parents should aware of the fact they can be trapped online by cyber predators.

According to the BBC reports Tiktok has failed to prevent online predators from the platform. Cyberbullies, stalkers, pedophiles, and sexual predators used to approach teens on Tiktok and send sexual messages to groom them sexually. For the last three months, it’s been reportedly stated that thousands of inappropriate comments were posted on videos shared by teenagers and children. However, the company has removed vulgar comments based on stalking and bullying online but dramatically the users remain on the TikTok.

 The BBC has done investigative reporting and gets access to the people that used to of approaching teens via sexual suggestive messages on teens’ TikTok videos. When the investigation goes further investigators come to know that most of the targeted accounts are run by 13 years tweens. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on teens’ Tiktok accounts to protect them from online dangers. So, you need to use Tiktok spy software and you can get your hands on it with TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software.

Install TheOneSpy monitoring app on a teen’s cellphone to spy on Tiktok

If you want to track the Tiktok activities of your teens then you should install mobile phone surveillance software. Therefore, visit the webpage of the phone tracking app and then subscribe to the phone tracking software. Further, you need to see your email inbox and get the credentials. Furthermore, you need to have physical access to the target device. Now you can get started with the process of installation on the target teen’s cellphone.

When you have completed the installation then you should activate it on the targeted device. Besides, you can hide the icon of the Tiktok monitoring app on the device if you have to use the assistance of the pop–up message on the screen before you are going to end up with the process of installation. Now use the login credentials and get access to the online control panel to get your hands on the Tiktok spying app tools. Let’s get to know about all the high–tech tools that enable you to see teens’ activities on the video-sharing apps.

TheOneSpy mobile spy software tools to monitor teens’ Tiktok activities

TikTok Live screen recording

You can get access to the teen’s cell phone device remotely and further you can record multiple videos of the screen when the target person is using TikTok in real-time. Further recorded videos would be delivered to the web portal where you can see the live recorded videos and get to know what your kids and teens are doing on the TikTok.


End-user can also capture screenshots when teens are using Tiktok on their mobile phone screens. It will help you out what teens are sharing and what sort of comments followers have made on their shared videos. You can capture multiple screenshots at once of Tiktok activated on the target device screen.


TheOneSpy Tiktok spy app is the best tool that empowers you to set parental control on teens’ digital devices to protect them from online predators.

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