18 Best Sites for Watching Movies Free Online

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Watching movies whenever an individual gets free time to keep one self-entertained is the ideal approach still now. However, watching it for free is never an easy task for people. Hence, this article will shed some light on the websites where one can log onto their computers and watch movies for free where one even might not need to sign up.

Take a look! On these sites for watching movies free online

1. Sony Crackle

The first one on this long list is Sony crackle. This is considered by many to be the best website where one can watch movies for free. It is owned by Sony pictures and offers a person the chance to watch full-length movies for free at any time. Moreover, the picture quality is astounding. However, a person will have to sit through commercials during a full-length movie once in a while.

2. YouTube

Well, YouTube has to be ranked here as one can easily watch movies for free. What’s interesting is that an individual gets an ample amount of choices when watching movies on this site. From action to romantic, thriller, and more, whatever one needs can be offered on YouTube. However, the only thing is that one requires digging through a vast amount of films to get the one a person would like to watch.  

3. Popcornflix

Another remarkable website to watch movies online for free is Popcornflix. They have a continuous flow of movies being added, which are from Screen Media Ventures. An individual can stream over 1500 movies from different genres such as comedy, horror, action, thriller, etc. depending on one’s taste.

4. Vudu Movies in the US

It is referred by many to be one of the best movie streaming websites people have free access to. This is similar to crackle, where one can get uncut and full-length movies for people to watch with just some commercials. However, before starting to use this service, a person will have to register him/herself first.

5. SnagFilms

It is steadily becoming one of the best places to watch movies online for free for several people. It offers all its audience more than 10,000 films which people can browse through titles or genres.  It works on most devices and shows a minimal amount of advertisement to make a better viewing experience.

6. 123Movies

This is another website that many people like to browse when they are looking to watch movies for free. Apart from movies, it also streams TV series if one would like to watch that instead of movies sometimes. However, to watch a movie here, one would require signing up and creating an account before he/she is allowed to watch any video.

7. Veoh

Another one on this list is Veoh where an individual can stream movies as well as TV shows. From older movies to newer ones, whatever one likes can find here. This website hosts videos and content submitted by users from esteemed sources such as CBS. Its filtering system is unique and offers a person to filter languages, length of movies, etc.

8. Tubi

Tubi offers the option to stream thousands of movies right away. Though it provides thousands of movies for free, there are certain ones that one would need to rent and are not free. Depending on one’s favorite genre, one can easily pick a movie of his/her liking.

9. Classic Cinema Online

Many people like to watch classic movies; this website is heaven for them. Like the name, it offers one to watch classic, old content for free online. From Casablanca to Jane Eyre and more, whatever classic movie one wants to watch can easily browse here and start viewing it whenever one gets some free time.

10. Roku Channel

This is another site which one can opt for free movies as it offers an excellent collection of high-quality movies for free. Its unique aspect is its caption text font customization and getting newer movies quickly. However, there might be times when one will have to watch commercials and work only in the USA when streaming from the desktop. Also, a user account is required but it’s free!

11. Stremio

Stremio is known for combining various elements. It is a streaming service, content aggregator, torrent client, and more all packed into one. Most movie streaming sites provide content from a single source, but this comprehensive platform offers videos from different providers for a much greater experience. Hence, more people are drawn to Stremio than opting for another site that streams movies for free.

12. Free Movies Cinema

This website offers a collection of public domain and independent cinemas which are categorized neatly into adventure, action, comedy, short film, horror, drama, fantasy, and more. What’s great about Free Movies Cinema is that most videos don’t contain commercials and the picture quality is HD. However, some movies do have different options for video players.

13. Yidio

It is not a content host but a remarkable collector of websites that stream movies for free. It generally redirects an individual to a third-party website where one can watch movies for free. Though a few particular videos might need a subscription, most are free to watch, and this list is massive.

14. Putlocker.cl

This free streaming website is another addition to this list, which is quite popular among people. It permits users to go through a colossal selection of movies as well as TV series for free. What’s remarkable about this website is that an individual can easily stream all day long without having to worry about making a user account of any kind.

15. OpenloadFreeTV

This is another streaming site that users can use to watch movies as well as TV shows without spending any money. OpenloadFreeTV offers a substantial collection where one can watch movies as well as TV series of different genres. All one requires is to select the correct one and start watching it. However, sometimes, a viewer might have to sit through commercials.

16. MoviesFoundOnline.com

This is where one can find movies from the public domain from different sources on the internet and organize it for the viewer’s so that an individual can easily find what he/she is seeking, The movies here are free to watch and can be searched by genre-specific. Apart from it, one can check out the most viewed movies along with top-rated and recently added ones.

17. Yes Movies

Yes, Movies is another free streaming website where an individual can watch movies for free. What’s unique about this website is that it allows a user even to download a movie online or TV series which are categorized depending on their genre such as mystery, crime, thriller, romance, action, animation, etc. However, this website tends to takes some time to load a movie or TV series sometimes.

18. CouchTuner

The last one on this list is for all TV series and movies. Popular TV series that one wants to watch for free can find it here. Each of the series is categorized into categories such as Science, Technology, Politics, Society, Nature, Conspiracy, and more. Also, most of the movies found here have zero advertisements. However, one can watch from his/her desktop only as not the mobile app is available.

These are the top 18 websites that you can browse to watch your favorite movies. So, check these out today and enjoy watching movies for free and without any hassle.

What are the best sites to stream movies?

Maximum online movie streaming websites are paid. But there are some websites that offer free movies like stremio.com, yesmovies.is, youtube.com. Netflix also offers one month free trial.

Is there any free movie streaming sites?

Yes, there are many websites that offer free movie streaming. Such a website is stremio.com. Before watching you need to download the app from their website and install it on your PC. Both windows and mac version is available. If you want to watch it on mobile then install it from the Google play store.

What are the best websites for watching movies online?

streamio.com, netflix.com(1st month only), youtube.com, vudu.com, popcornflix.com etc.

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